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We provide handcrafted soaps, candles and bath products.  We are simply and wonderfully made.  


Catch up with us in our crafting world! 

We Love You Midnight Blue

Valerie Street

One of our favorite soaps in the line-up right now is Midnight Blue. 

I love the fragrance - the mix of citrus with amber with lavender and other delicious scents.  It's refreshingly clean and it's one of those really great gender neutral fragrances to boot.

But more than how happy we are with the soap quality and fragrance, we love how hard it was to MAKE this particular batch of soap.  This particular batch did not want to behave at first! ;)  It was taking a looooonnnggg time to set up but we stuck it out and the beautiful result is a rustic looking bar that we can't stop staring at (and using). 

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