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We provide handcrafted soaps, candles and bath products.  We are simply and wonderfully made.  


Catch up with us in our crafting world! 


Valerie Street

We've been quiet over here but we've been working and experimenting a lot and here's a quick look!

Toy embedding!! This is a fun, colorful swirl soap that contains a stegosaurus (a dino favorite around here). As the soap gets used, the stegosaurus comes closer and closer to being freed!

We went on a dark stone kick and churned out 3 gemstone soaps in smoldering shades with little traces of dark swirls here and there. We countered the darkness with an appropriate spring time fragrance though: Our old Jasmine + Citrus medley! 
And last, but certainly not least, a gemstone within a gemstone! (so very 'Inception' of us)
This bright green gemstone soap contains a bright green Aventurine stone within!!  Green Aventurines are known as the stone of opportunity.  They are believed to be the luckiest of all crystals.  It is also believed that these stones not only attract good favor and prosperity but they do much to release old, perhaps bad, patterns and habits to make way for positive growth and flow.  

We have a few more soaps like this in the works and hopefully we'll have those out soon but we're pretty in love with this first one!  Yes, we still have plans to bring our soap gemstone collection to the shop soon so please stay tuned!!